Jump, climb, throw, push, and pull your way to fitness with Fit Classes. Group classes are a great way to get an excellent hour of exercise surrounded by your friends, family, or team. Contact Fit with any questions or to discuss opportunities for closed classes for your team or friends.

All classes are only  per session! However, space is limited. Call or email Trener to sign up!

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Class Schedule

Class Descriptions


Perfect for anyone, beginners or exercise veterans, who want to improve overall physical performance and health. In BootCamp, you will circuit train with men and women of all ages and experience levels. Each movement of the circuit can be modified up or down depending on your experience, comfort, or health history.


What better way for your children to burn off that excessive energy than to get exercise. Your child will learn how to properly warm up, exercise, cool down and stretch all while having fun and learning to work both individually and as a team. Each class will consist of up-tempo work focused on developing speed, agility, motor skill and baseline strength (using only bodyweight and light resistance bands).


Ideal for the sports team that wants to surpass their current level competition and intensity and take it to the next level. Workouts are sport- and age-specific. Athletes will have the opportunity to improve speed, agility, strength, spatial orientation, and power. Contact Trener for more information and group pricing.

Mobility, Stability & Agility

Mobility, stability and agility training is not reserved for those participating in competition. Our muscles, tendons and ligaments are in consistent need of care and lengthening; and challenging our spatial orientation is necessary to keep nimble and safe. With the lights low and the atmosphere warm, this class begins with a warm up focusing on speed and agility training before moving to deep tissue stimulation (think deep tissue massage) and concluding with intense stretching. Come see how much better you feel and how your activities of daily living (ADLs) become easier with mobility, stability and agility training.