brakA native of Hilliard, Ohio, Coach brings his enthusiasm for fitness and wellness backed with five years of personal training, teaching and coaching experience. In addition, his time as a volunteer firefighter/EMT has given him valued healthcare knowledge and hands-on expertise. Coach doesn’t believe in any miracle cures or “90-day” fitness programs; he strongly believes in implementing and living a healthy lifestyle.

Coach has worked with kids, teens, adults, recreational enthusiasts, division one college athletes, high school athletes, women and men. He has implemented summer strength and conditioning programs and continuing physical therapy programs for knee replacements, rotator cuff reconstruction, hip replacements, and preventative therapy.

As a graduate assistant for the Department of Health and Sport Science at the University of Dayton, Coach had the opportunity to teach exercise and wellness classes, conduct original research, and specialized in instructing the human anatomy cadaver lab. With his anatomy work, Coach was able to author his own anatomy lab manual which is used by students at the University of Dayton.

In brief

  • 8 Years of Coaching, Personal Training & Wellness Experience
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  • Coaches kids, teens, adults, recreational enthusiasts, athletes, women & men
  • Strength coach for high school tams
  • Volunteer Firefighter/EMT
  • University of Dayton Graduate
  • Train Safe, Train Heavy, Train Fast, Have Fun!

Ms. coach

Ms. coach has been practicing yoga for over 9 years and her love of the practice encouraged her to become a yoga instructor. She has completed 300 hours of training with Balanced Yoga University in Clintonville. Ms. coach recently completed an “Urban Zen” Restorative Workshop with world renowned yoga instructor, Rodney Yee. She is CPR certified.

Ms. coach enjoys the ways that yoga can create focus and centering in her life, while increasing the body’s strength, flexibility and balance. As an instructor she would like to share her enthusiasm for the practice of yoga and encourage students of all, ages and levels to explore the healthy benefits of practicing yoga.